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You know what those symbols are??

Well, they are called Runes and some of them makes no sense.
If you translate the runes into letters you'll get :
Blitz = blsthR
Appear = Appear
Mega Bolt = mega bolth
Ice = Eke
Life = lEfe

All in all it was a good movie

t-dash responds:

check the credit screen, I translated them. And there are several DIFFERENT fonts/alphabets for runic(some have more differences between each other than others do). I have 3 different ones on my computer, the symbols vary in shape and size for different letters. So which ever runic alphabet you used probably isn't the one I used.

But glad you enjoyed! Keep an eye out for FF Vball 2 (which will be called Final Fantasy: Streets I think) I just need time to start working on it.

If there was an twelwe i would have given that

MAN, that was fucking good!!!!!

runing like hell

what did that lady scream for it was youst a cat
and the windows sounded like briks falling apart
but The Graphics was god but you missed the background and it was a bit funny too. I'l say Average.

ilikeme596 responds:

she was screamin cuz they were in her apartment or somethin, ya i was gonna add a background but i thought it was fine by itself, and the sound of the glass breaking sounds normal usually, but on mp3 which was the only format it came in that flash could use, it was alot deeper sounding

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Me find bug, yes

I found a bug, when you fight, you don't loose hp, you loose stengh, so after you have kicked some ass, your strenght is the same digit as your hp was in the battle


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